Wet Pipe Systems

As the name implies a wet pipe system is one in which water is constantly in the piping and under pressure. When a sprinkler activates water is immediately discharged onto the fire. Some of the advantages of a wet pipe sprinkler system are: simplicity and reliability, relative low installation and maintenance cost, ease of modification and short term down time in the event of a fire.

The main disadvantage of wet pipe sprinklers are that they are not suitable for areas that may be expose to freezing conditions with the exception of small "Antifreeze" Wet Systems which should be limited to systems not exceeding 40 gallons due to the costs of refilling or replenishing the system.

At each inspection we will conduct a system flow test and a main drain test, weather permitting. Check waterflow detectors, tamper switches, alarm switches and audible alarm devices. Visually inspect all external components of system including control valves, drain valves, sprinkler heads and piping. Check and lubricate all fire department connections. Perform minor adjustments as necessary. Prepare and forward directly to Owner and Local Fire Official, a comprehensive report of system condition.

Inspection Frequency: quarterly

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