Backflow Prevention Systems

A backflow prevention device is used to protect water supplies from contamination. Many types of backflow devices also have ports so that they can be tested or examined to ensure that they are functioning properly.

Backflow prevention protects the potable system from minor, moderate, and severe hazards. There are over 10,000 reported cases of backflow contamination each year. Some cases can be fatal. Backflow devices are required by law where needed and must be installed in accordance with local code. A backflow assembly has test cocks and shut-off valves and must be tested each year or more frequently in accordance with local code.

At each inspection we will perform a full operational test of backflow device including pressure and flow chamber measurements and valve seat testing. Prepare and forward directly to Owner and Local Fire Official, a comprehensive report of system condition.

The frequency of testing required would be quarterly for a backflow device which is connected to a domestic system. Backflow devices that are connected to Fire Protection Systems only, are required to be tested on an annual basis. Backflow Prevention System inspections are performed only by our NEWWA Certified Technicians.

Owners Tip - It is the Owner's responsibility to obtain appropriate permits if necessary and to furnish a safe area for discharging outflow of water.

Inspection Frequency: quarterly/annually or as per AHJ

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