Standpipe Systems

Standpipe systems are an arrangement of piping, valves, hose connections and associated equipment located inside a structure. The hose connections are located at specified locations within the structure for the purpose of extinguishing a fire and protecting the structure and the occupants through the use of attached hose and nozzles.

1. A Wet Standpipe System is connected to a steady water supply. (ie City Water)
2. A Dry Standpipe System does not have a steady water supply and it requires water to be supplied to the system piping. (ie Fire Truck)

At each inspection we will visually check of all piping and welded or mechanical connections and joints. All Fire Department Connections, gauges, valves tamper switches, waterflow switches, quick opening devices and air maintenance devices, as installed, will be checked for normal operation. Prepare and forward to Owner, a comprehensive report of system condition.

Owners Tip - Standpipes require expanded testing at five year intervals. As it is the owner's responsibility to request this service, prices are quoted separately.

Internal Sprinkler Pipe Inspection

Systems shall be examined internally to ensure that the piping remains clear of all obstructive matter. Every 5-years we will examine the interior of the system valve, riser piping, and one piece of cross main and branch line piping. Perform a full flow test. Prepare and forward directly to Owner and Local Fire Official, a comprehensive report of system condition.

Inspection Frequency: every 5 years

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